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Two sides of the coin

Chris O'Neill

22 January 2024


We’ve all been there.

How many times have you gone out of your way to find the perfect pair of shoes only for the muddy weather to quickly send them on their way to the bin?

The shoe-buying process can be a rollercoaster of emotions within itself. Narrowing down each choice and feeling a growing affinity towards the ones you like until you land on the perfect pair feels very personal. Taking them to the course for the first time can fill you with pride and confidence, and ultimately puts you in the mindset to play well.

You can experience a wave of disappointment however when you step out on the course only for the heavens to open and the material get ruined due to the mud and the rain.

There are two sides of the coin when it comes to considering golf shoes. Winter golf shoes come in all varieties of colours and styles, but sometimes the most important thing to consider is how practical they are.

Today we’re going to discuss how the latest Under Armour winter golf shoes are designed to endure the harsher colder weather. We’d also like to remind you of the positive impact buying new shoes can have on our mentality and outlook.


New shoes make us feel better


When we asked our readers if they preferred spiked or spikeless shoes, answers were fairly evenly split with a third of respondents owning both kinds.

If you think about it, what we wear has a real effect on how we’re feeling. There’s a reason it’s so satisfying to take a suit off at the end of the day and so comforting to slip your pajamas on before going to bed. What’s comfortable feels good, and what isn’t causes irritation.

The same can be said for our shoes. If they’re too cramped or too big, you’ll feel either restricted or unfocused. These thoughts are all buzzing away in our subconscious when we’re selecting our shoes off the shelves, and it adds to the happiness we feel when we finally come across the perfect pair.

Knowing you’re wearing shoes that are the ideal fit for you impresses upon you that you look good, and it makes you feel good. You’ll stand taller, have a better posture, and generally have a more enjoyable outlook as you go about your day.

Under Armour makes fantastic winter golf shoes, and they’ll be putting a smile on your face from the moment you slip them on in the changing room.


Under Armour winter golf shoes


The HOVR Drive 2 winter golf shoes from Under Armour will provide you with the comfort and grip you need to play happily throughout the colder months.

These shoes have been engineered to dry quickly and have a waterproof coating to keep moisture from seeping into the material. They’re also very easy to clean should you encounter any muddy patches out on the course. Mud won’t stain the fabric and will quickly come away when you start cleaning the shoes.

A lot of care has been given to crafting the interior of the shoe. The moulded EVA footbed feels fantastic when you slip the shoes on, and it provides excellent stability as you walk around. The cushioning foam has been strategically placed to support the natural motion of our golf swing.

You’ll be ready to give each shot your all thanks to the sturdy nine rotational resistance spikes on the bottom of the sole.

With nine individual cleats providing you with solid traction on your sole, you’re certain to get a good footing and solid stance on the course regardless of the weather conditions. These spikes keep your feet locked in place and provide excellent horizontal traction as you complete your swing.

The shoe even has a 3D printed toe guard that will offer additional protection from the inhospitable terrain.

As we’ve already mentioned, finding the perfect pair of winter golf shoes can be a real process, but this pair is certainly worth your time! We have a whole range of shoes to choose from in the pro shop and we’re more than happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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